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Our out-call service is daily open to provide all our client the very best treatment. We offer all massages in the hotels in the city of Amsterdam, and also in most other places. Need assistance ? Feel free to call us any time of the day !

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Mon-Fri: Open
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Central, Amsterdam
Telephone: +31(6)1863-3672

Online booking generator makes it easy to order online by following the easy steps: 1. Please fill in your last name, 2. The place where you are staying incl. room number, 3. Your phone number, 4. The duration and the masseuse you are planning to meet.

In order to confirm your booking we will call you back on the room number you have given us, within a few minutes after reading your online booking. Make note: We have a preference of calling us on the phone number listed on the website.

Make your booking online: