Body to body massage Amsterdam

We provide this exclusive & intimate type of body to body massage and the comparison to other styles it is relatively new and we will be using your bed in the hotel room. This way you can expand your full body to the max and is an sensational way of relaxing and allows your body to be fully naked to enjoy the whole experience of this unique way of relaxation. This sensational way of relaxation will give you the ultimate experience.

What can you expect from our masseuses ?

The very best and incredible beautiful masseuse like you have picked from the gallery on the website. By using warm and essential oil over your body and skin this will give you emotionally and physically the unprecedented feeling of getting pampered. This incredible feeling gives your body the state of the next dimension. body to body massage.

Image her long flowing hair while you are just lying down on the bed and don’t need to do anything. Her silky soft & smooth skin will slowly flow over your naked body, with here feminine soft full body and of course she will be undressed as well. Her rhythmic movements will stimulate you and will give you an incredible sensational feeling thought your whole body. Your whole nerve system will be on high alert, the warm oil between you both starts to arouse you and give you this hot lush & sexy feeling like no other…. Are you ready for take off ? Holt your breath because we are just getting started and you wish you would have called us earlier….. Her movements are stimulating all parts of your body and when desired the happy end is applied on the end of the session.

The art of the body to body massage is performed on a bed in your room with is for your own comfort and is soft, flexible and durable. Her way of provocative of fun and sensual stroking and touching by our seductive and highly attractive masseuse, she moves and maneuvers her whole unclosed body between the warm and used unscented oil. Sensually arousing is the way to go, with body to body massage in Amsterdam and hits every cell in your body and leaves no place undiscovered. Experience the erotic body to body massage from 24/7 Hotel Massage and get ready for the very best.

The out-call service body to body massage Amsterdam is central so we cover all the locations in Amsterdam City Center and outside the center. Enjoy the luxury of having the ultimate and intimate out call massage service in a matter of minutes. By our years of experience and built up relations with all the hotels in the city you can be assured that your masseuse is there within 30 minutes after you have placed the call.

erotic body massage The BENEFITS of body to body treatment:

Your full body treatment will give you a better blood circulation, you will benefit to clear all toxins out of your system. Relaxation improves for a greater health and longevity. Relaxation gives you a reduction of stress and high blood pressure that can even safe your life, people who are keeping a regular massage routine in their lives are not only stress free but also balanced in daily live, because the hormones are balanced. And one of men`s benefits and maybe the most important one that`s stimulation of the sexual functions apart from been exhilarating and top entertainment.

Other benefits what you will not expect is, the improvement of circulation in your body, because in general we don’t quite think of this at the first place but the B2B is a very profound and healing therapy besides the erotic massage part. As blood flows and movement of fluids includes lymph by removing (restore) toxic waste and stress tensions it improves our well-being in general.

By any type of massage you talk about removal of toxins functions and are improved with every session, and you feel mentally and physically must better and reborn like you never felt before. Your energy level is refreshed, tiredness is alleviated and most of the body functions are much better and improved. So now it`s time to get rid of the bad energy and toxic that’s hold in our system. Get refreshed today and you will be amazed how the power and fantastic qualities that all our massages in general benefits you.

Research has shown us according to studies that the body due to poor diets and bad food in general stalls the blood circulation by the toxic waste in our system. Because we are these days always in a hurry and might skip a meal or eat junk food and not enough mineral, vitamin and protein food. Not enough vital foods will make your body want to shut down and you will lose the energy level you are needing on daily bases. To improve your health in general and what level you are, start giving your body the fuel it needs.

Think about the regular mind habits and the addictive foods like candy and sugars, they play a big part in our lives. We cannot change the world but we can help you to reconsider your way of life ! To improve your lifestyle habits and generate a good health by eating guided food products. We also recommend to regulate balance hormones, stress levels, blood circulation, sexual stimulation and besides that it will give you an excellent mood on daily base. Only by having once every week of two weeks having the relaxation and massage you need.Body to Body Massage

So the benefits of all our massages are improving your lifestyle. Body to Body massage is one of our most popular massage that we are highly specialized in Amsterdam. We always operate very friendly with warm and engaging masseuses from the Dutch finest talents. All our therapists are all speaking flued English and will take you on the massage experience. The talents we have selected, are right here for you.

Please call us any time of the day ! We are here for you and for our nighttime and daytime clients and we have always the correct therapist to choose from. In order to book your body to body massage in Amsterdam call the booking line now + 31 (0)6 1863 3672 or make your booking online. Joy awaits you booking, please hold your room number by hand and book now for the sensational and memorable time ! Remember to have joy and fun in your life and we just want to be a part of it.


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