Looking for erotic massage? Here is your guide from A to Z

Is the world of massage for adults completely new for you and do the terms and names confuse you? We fully understand you. Massage for adults, and better known as erotic massage, can be a minefield and it is not always clear what is actually offered. So, if you don’t know the meaning of a Lingam, Yoni, Nuru and Tantric massage, we are here to cover you. In this blog we discuss a number of terms and we even give you some tips on the rules to be followed when you step into the world of massages for adults. So be sure to read on!

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Types of massages

Some massage forms available in 24/7 Hotel Massage for adults are:

Sensual massage

Sensual massage is a general term to describe an erotic massage, where the goal is not to provide a sexual experience, but an erotic one. This form of massage gives you a relaxing treatment. Maybe you will feel very excited by the intimacy, but usually the masseuse will not stimulate nor touch your genitals. Most men usually get an erection due to the erotic acts, but a sexual climax is (usually) not part of the treatment.

Lingam massage

Lingam is a word from the Sanskrit language and means ‘ashes of light’. It is also a Hindu expression for the phallus. During the massage your genitals are the center of attention and therefore many of the actions will focus on the male genitals.

Yoni massage

The female equivalent of Lingam – the Yoni – refers to the female genitals. This type of massage can be given by a male or female masseuse, with the primary focus on the female genitals.

Nuru massage

Nuru massage is a massage technique from Japan and involves giving a massage with the whole body. This form of massage uses specialized gels and sex massage amsterdamoil. The masseuse will not wear any clothes and will push her whole body against that of yours. A Nuru massage can be a very intense physical experience. Some therapists don’t offer a sexual climax (happy ending/ full service), but most of them do.

Soap massage

It is thought that soapy massages have emerged in Asia, mainly in a country as Thailand, where they are extremely popular. Traditionally, this form of massage takes place in three parts and customers are taken to a bathtub with clean water. The masseuse will wash you, with full attention of genitals.

The next step of the massage takes usually place on a bed, where the masseuse will use soap to do a completely naked body slide. She will not miss any part of your body. The time depends on how much time you have booked the masseuse, but you won’t need much time to end up in heaven.

During the last part you will be invited to take a shower. The masseuse will help you to rinse of the soap and it might be possible that she will guide you to a sexual climax, if you did not reached it during the session.


Tantric massage has found its origin in Germany around 1970 and is a Western mix of tantra from Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. In fact, a real tantric massage does not include sexual exchange, even it includes some acts of a Yoni and Lingam massage.

Tantric massage is more similar to a mixture of both nuru and sensual massage with only a few massage parlors who offer a sexual experience, while others perform a more classic erotic experience.

Mutual touch massage

As the name suggests, this is a massage service where you can also touch the masseuse. However, don’t touch a masseuse before asking. If she doesn’t agree, it can lead to the fact that you will be asked to leave the salon. Always assume that your service does not include this element unless expressly stated otherwise. You will normally be limited to only touch the breasts, but can of course also be more. Just ask before you touch another body part of the masseuse.

sex massageHappy Ending

A happy Ending stands for a massage with a sexual climax. Having a sexual climax at the end of your massage can be described in your booking but sometimes it isn’t. This part of the service can be asked during any massage for adults, it depends the masseuse if you will get one. Be aware that the cost for this extra service is not not included in most massages. So, if you agree to get a Happy Ending, don’t forget to give an extra tip.

Full service

A full service simply covers a full sexual act. This is something that most massage parlors for adult massage will not publicly advertise. A full service depends heavily on how far the masseuse wants to go. There are massage parlors where a full service is standard as a part of the treatment, but it is not always easy to figure it out.

Giving a tip

Giving a tip is a very common part of the massage industry for adults and maybe it is the only way how massage parlors can stay in the business. We all know that even today prostitution is illegal in some countries. SO, don’t be surprised if a salon doesn’t charge you directly for some elements in your massage that relate to sexual acts (like Happy Endings and Full services). If they did, they could be seen as a brothel and their services would become illegal.

The total price you will pay (usually) consists of two parts. You will pay a room fee, which also covers the massage of your choice. The second part you will pay in the form of a tip. This includes all extra’s the masseuse has given to you. Even in countries where prostitution is legal, giving a tip is still recommended if you still want an awesome experience during your next session!


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