Erotic Massage

This massage goes just a little further. Not just your muscles are massaged, but your genitals are stimulated manually. It gives a lovely and erotic feeling, over and throughout your whole body. Often several options are discussed with our specially trained masseuses.

24/7 Hotel Massage offers you the erotic massage in all area in the Netherlands like: Amsterdam, Hoofddorp, Haarlem, Amersfoort, Gouda, Den Haag, Utrecht, Schiphol Airport and many more. Our highly sexy masseuse will give you an erotic massage you will never forget. And best of all the erotic massage will end with a special Lingam Massage that is the final focus. Because the focus of the energy that has to be carried out as far as possible our masseuse provides the Lingam (penis) massage.
The lingam massage can be intense and very pleasurable and be used as well by the Tantric Massage. The masseuse is just using her hand, the masseuse will caress, stroke & tease the lingam. She will take you closer to that climax but each time will back and focus on other areas before repeating the same process again. Each time the sensations is flowing throughout your whole body and will get stronger and stronger until you eventually reach a orgasm.

24/7 Hotel Massage strongly believe that a massage feels good only when is offered with passion. This is why we select carefully our masseuses as you can see on the website. With a good and spontaneous personality, fully open minded, experienced and passionate in state of massage, and most of all beautiful looking, our therapists will guide you into a feelings of luxury and ultimate relax sensation. Reward yourself by taking the erotic massage journey through the discoveries of your body.

We just want to ask before our beautiful looking masseuse to arrive, to take a nice and hot shower.


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