Four Hands Massage

When you are brought in complete ecstasy by one of our highly trained and specialized masseuses than you might imagine what 2 masseuses can do ? And maximize the return at your accessible.There for is the 4 Hands Massage specially designed.

24/7 Hotel Massage offers you a four hands massage like no other. Because you now have two of the most beautiful massage girls working your whole body mirroring each other`s movements and simultaneously giving your whole body a complete sensation and is a wonderful experience..
Because we work with professional and erotic therapists the four-hands massage is a complete sensation for your body and mind. To synchronize the four hands massage one of the girls will take the lead and the other one will follow, this will give you the feeling that they are doing the same thing simultaneously. 2 masseuses working together accomplish far more than 2 performing separately. During this multi hand massage with all four hands working in harmony and frequently using massage oil over your whole body..

Both of the masseuses have a similar style and “touch” and have 2 worked together. These days the four hands massage is trendy and offered in the most Spa`s in the world. But 24/7 Hotel Massage will offer you this exclusive massage right in your own hotel-room. There is noting like this multiple sensations!

Do you want that massage of a lifetime with two of the most beautiful massage girls in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Schiphol Airport, Utrecht or in any other city ?

We like to ask you before the start of the massage to take a hot and nice shower.


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