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Our Price Table

Payment can be made using cash (Euros, dollars and pounds) or credit card. For payment with credit card we add a 10 % surcharge.
Payment by credit card will always be processed discretely. Our name will not appear on your credit card bills.
All Massages
60 min of sensuality and relaxion. Our most popular massage.
Sensual Massage
120 min of sensual anti stress treatmend for the hard working.
Four hands Massage
60 min by 2 Erotic masseuses you have never experienced this before, satisfaction 100% guaranteed.


The packets that you like to order are depending of the duration. We offer a duration minimum of 60 minutes. Our most ordered is the exclusive massage with the duration of 90 minutes. You can select the type of all massages and once your erotic masseuse(s) will enter your place, you can ask her to provide one of the massages of your preference. For the people who have not enough of the duration of 60/90 minutes we have the duration of 120 minutes. Also we sell longer duration extra by the hour.

With the couples massages we offer you can select 1 or 2 masseuses, the pricing for the treatment are always starting with €280,- Some couples have a personal preference to have just only 1 masseuse and other couples like to have 2, so the choice is basically up to you.