Relaxation is one of the key elements to the body in balance and to keep the laid-back relaxation massage is designed to provide total body relaxation. This gives whole new energy in the body. And bring your body back in balance, so the relaxation massage and invigorating works ensures good blood circulation throughout the whole body, and all unnecessary waste disposal will be better removed throughout the whole body. This combination of various techniques that will be applied to you by our trained masseuses.

When you are looking for sensual relaxation you come at 24/7 Hotel Massage to the right place. We are highly specialized in the ultimate relaxation in the form of a relax massage. Our sensitive relax massage makes you escape from the dialy rush. This is the moment to de-stress en enjoy your self with an ultimate form of relaxing.

24/7 Hotel Massage goes on site to the location of your personal choice. Our masseuses wil provide you with the highest quality of professional relax massage. Wheter we meet in any city like Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Hoofddorp, Leiden, or Schiphol Airport and also Utrecht in any hotel or at home ? Your satisfaction and well being is our main priorety. A relaxing massage benefits your complete body and above all your state of mind. Stiff joints are loosened, tense muscles are relaxed and nerves are soothed creating an all over ultimate feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.
After the relax massage your total body will be back in balance like your natural energy flows.

Before the masseuse arrives in your home or hotel we would like to ask you to take a nice warm/hot shower before.